24 Dec 2021

Continuing its activities in the branding journey of the Turkish natural stone industry abroad, Istanbul Mineral Exporters’ Association (IMIB) participated in the Milan Design Week held in Italy between 5-10 September 2021 with the “Turkish Stones Library” exhibition. In the exhibition curated by Gökhan Karakuş, located in Isola Design District, the variety of types and colors of Turkish natural stones showed up with samples prepared in the form of cubes. Within the scope of the event, natural stone panels inspired by prestigious works were also exhibited in order to show the whole world that natural stones have existed in the geography of Turkey from past to present. The exhibited works attracted great attention from architects and designers who participated in the event both from Italy and from different countries.

“Turkish Stones Library” is a material library that includes innovative applications of natural stone, a timeless material that enriches architecture, design and living spaces. More than 60 different colors and types of natural stones such as marble, travertine, limestone and onyx were exhibited in the exhibition. The designers participating in the events in the Isola Design Zone had the opportunity to see the design, craft and digital processing techniques of natural stone by Turkish Stones, one of the world’s leading Turkish stone exporters and Turkish manufacturers.

Emphasizing that natural stones are one of the most valuable geological heritages, Aydın Dinçer, Chairman of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) Mining Sector Board and Chairman of the Board of IMIB, said, “Natural stones formed as a result of millions of years of geological processes; thanks to its colors, patterns, physical and chemical properties, it has been one of the most important elements of building culture throughout history. Our country, which stands out with its natural stone diversity due to its geological structure, draws attention with its 650 different colors and patterns and 150 different natural stone types. As IMIB, we continue to reach wider audiences by taking sustainable steps towards the branding of Turkish natural stone. We had the opportunity to show the potential of our country in this field by exhibiting the Turkish stone library in Italy, another important country in terms of natural stone. We care about participating in global events in order to ensure that our natural stones, which are indispensable for modern architecture, are known more closely by architects and designers around the world. In the coming period, we will continue to introduce the power of Turkish natural stones, which sets the standards in design trends, to the world by participating in such organizations.”

Located in the middle of the Alpine-Himalayan geological belt stretching from Europe to Asia and the homeland of natural stones, Turkey has been at the center of civilization and architecture for over 12.000 years with its unique history and geography. Turkey contains many ancient quarries with high quality stones that have been used by many different civilizations over the centuries and are still operating today.

Turkey is home to the world’s largest natural stone reserve, with more than 150 natural stone types in more than 650 colors and patterns offered by Turkish Stones. In addition to many different patterns and colors of Anadolu Beige, Anadolu White and Anadolu Black, Turkey offers architects, designers and buyers our unique and unique signature stones, Elazig Cherry, Marmara Marble and Milas Lilac. As a leading global source for natural stone, Turkey exports natural stones such as basalt, dolomite, limestone and granite as processed products such as blocks, mosaics or tiles, in addition to marble and travertine, to architectural projects on a global scale.

Turkey, as the number one exporter of marble and travertine with an export of 1.8 billion dollars, exports various natural stone types both as blocks and as processed. Turkish Stones, which provides a high level of service and is known for its knowledge, can produce natural stones in different forms and styles imaginable by using technology. Turkish natural stones can be transformed from monolithic organic forms to the thinnest slabs to add value to any space, from home to automobile. Excellent craftsmanship and high-end technology, combined with the advanced service capabilities of Turkey’s stone industry, create creative and personalized forms.

Introduced by the Istanbul Mineral Exporters’ Association (IMIB), a professional non-profit organization that has been inspecting all export activities in Turkey’s mining industry since 1976, Turkish Stones appeals to architects, interior architects and designers with its wide variety of natural stones, exceptional quality and durability, becomes an inspiration.