28 Apr 2022

Open to the participation of industrial design, architecture and art students of universities and industry professionals, the “10th Industrial and Architectural Natural Stone Design Competition” concluded with the jury evaluation process. While a total of 174 applications were made to the contest organized by the Istanbul Mineral Exporters’ Association (IMIB) in two categories, “Student” and “Professional”, the candidate projects were selected by a Selection Committee consisting of Turkey’s leading architects and interior designers, as well as academics, industry representatives and IMIB officials. 8 projects in the student category and 3 projects in the professional category of the competition, which were organized to contribute to the development of original and industrially produced products using Turkish natural stones, were found worthy of awards. The competition’s awards were presented with a ceremony held on 18 December 2021 as part of TIM Design Week Events. The winners in the “professional” and “student” categories in the competition received a monetary award of 132,500 TL in total. In addition, the top three designers in both categories had the chance to receive the abroad education scholarship given by the Ministry of Commerce.

Award Winners

In the Professional category, Pınar Aracı won first place with its work “Bağlaç”; Berat Çelebioğlu, Serdar Aydın, Lale Karataş and Izzettin Kutlu won the second place with their work “Stone Town”, and Erhan Yıldız won the third place with his work “Joint Stone”.

In the student category of the 10th Industrial and Architectural Natural Stone Design Competition, Umut Deniz Demir (Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Industrial Design Department), came first with his design named “Twist”. “Gaia” by Egemen Şendur (Bahçeşehir University Department of Industrial Design) came in second while “Ağ-aç” by Aykan Aras, Can Kayaaslan and Kutay Kaynak (TED University Department of Architecture) were awarded the third place.

Honorable Mention Award winners of the student category are listed as follows:

“Gölge Değirmen” and “The Module” by Şevval Akkuzu, Muhammed Arif Aksu (Marmara University, Architecture Department) and Rauf Yasir Geleri (Istanbul Technical University; “Shadow” and “Wish” by Elif Beray Yönlüer (Hacettepe University Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design) and “Link” by Öykü Ceylan (Marmara University Industrial Design Department).

16-Person Jury Evaluated the Projects

Selection Committee of the 10th Industrial and Architectural Natural Stone Design Competition consists of Architect Akın Gölcük (Member of the Supervisory Board of the Istanbul Mineral Exporters Association), Architect Ali Derya Dostoğlu (Per Se Architecture), Architect Alper Derinboğaz (Salon Architects), Architect Burak Pekoğlu (BINAA), Architect Can Çinici (Çinici Architecture), Architect Durmuş Dilekçi (Dilekçi Architecture), Architect Dürrin SÜER (M + D Architecture), Architect Emre Açar (ACARARCH), Architect Erhan Kılıç (Habif Architecture), Architect Gökhan Avcıoğlu (GAD Architecture), Architect Hasan Kıvırcık (MTM Architecture), Assoc. Dr. Murat Yurdakul (Bilecik Şeyh Edebali University Fine Arts and Design Faculty, Head of Jewelry and Jewelry Design Department), Recep Coşkun Bozanlı (Member of the Supervisory Board of the Istanbul Mineral Exporters Association), Architect Salih Küçüktuna (PIN Architects), Dr. Serkan Angı (Istanbul Technical University Geological Engineering Lecturer) and Architect Yasemin Şener (pRchitect, Editorial Director of Natura Magazine) are consisted. Detailed information about the award-winning projects can be found on the corporate website of the competition: http://www.dogaltastasarimyarismasi.com