11 Nov 2021

Isola Design Festival

After the succession of online events, virtual exhibitions and digital product launches, theIsola Design Festival is approaching the Milanese design week with a full program of exhibitions, installations, talks and workshops to be experienced in a hybrid way, but mainly in presence.

For those who have followed the six-month event organized by Isola Design District from the beginning, launched on April 12 on the district’s digital platform, the event comes to life and, above all, introduces the physical mode for Milan Design Week 2021from 5 to 10 September.

A selection of almost 700 projects are currently present on isola.design, with over 50 countries representing, and many were presented in the first 4 months of the event. Design week is an opportunity to discover some of these in person. Over 100 designers, design studios and companies, in fact, will show their works in the locations of the Isola district and visitors, after a long time, will be allowed to relive the experience of the most awaited design event in the year.

The exhibitions

Here is the list of exhibitions that you can view from 5 to 10 September

1- PLAYFUL, YOUNG, DESIGN. – c / o Stecca 3, Via De Castillia 26

Splint 3 it has been one of the main locations in the district for some time and it will be like this again this year.

In collaboration with ADA SplintThe Playful Living e Vitality Onlus, a process of sharing projects, exchanging professional skills and knowledge is born, aimed at the rediscovery of the city and three dimensions of project and community.

The event Playful, Young, Design. offers an experience designed especially for young families, but not only, where people will have the opportunity to interact with colorful, multifunctional and modular furnishings

2- Materialized – c / o Spazio Gamma, via Pastrengo 7

After the great success in its digital version at last year’s Dutch Design Week, the Spazio Gamma will take place Materialized, a research path between natural raw materials, biomaterials and sustainable design, which allows visitors to discover what the future of the furniture industry holds, through the eyes and projects of some of the best talents and researchers of materials from all over the world, which are already part of the Isola Design Community.

3a-The Stage Four – c / o Sassetti Factory, Via Sassetti 31

The Stage Four it will involve visitors in a dreamlike installation, thanks to a riot of shapes and colors.

In a period marked by the pandemic, the exhibition will become a true celebration of this freedom, banishing boundaries to create a unique global experience.

3b – Isola Design Gallery – c / o Sassetti Factory, Via Sassetti 31

Fabbrica Sassetti will also host a Gallery, where collectibles and sustainable furnishings from the Isola Design Community will be exhibited

4-Cupra Lifeplace – c / o Napoleonic Foundry, Via Thaon di Revel 21

CUPRA is an unconventional and contemporary automotive brand that excites, loves challenges and inspires the world from Barcelona. He arrives in Milan with CUPRA LIFEPLACE: a place to discover his vision thanks to an Immersive Design Experience created by the Italian-English creative start-up REALITY IS_. Special talks on the topics of sustainability, electrification and design. A new light object created by the M + S Lab studio will also be presented. From 6:00 pm Aperitif and Dj Set.

5- Distracted House By NeN, Via Pastrengo 5

A normal apartment, or maybe not: whoever enters this space will participate in a sort of escape room and will have to identify a series of wrong behaviors in everyday home life. These are apparently harmless habits, which instead have a significant impact on consumption and are bad for the environment. Those who lend themselves to the game will receive gadgets and surprises

6- Copernico Milano Isola for S32 and Spaces by IWG

In IWG’s flexible workspace Copernicus Milan Isola for S32, home of the Fin-tech District, we will host Nature’s Whisper, a path created with products made with sustainable and natural materials.

Foamy Fantasy, hosted at the coworking Spaces of IWG in via Pola, is a thematic installation of Finemateria which wants to highlight the sensitivity and dialogue between design and industry

7- There will be many design studios, artisan workshops and brands in the neighborhood that will participate in the event by presenting their new projects, such as Algranti Lab, Caracol AM, Green Island, AlkanoidsCP Studio 46, Frida MarketAngelo della Pergola Gallery 1Madras e RivaViva.

To get all the info on the exhibitions and discover all the designers on display, visit ours site

Not only exhibitions but also talks and workshops

Among these will be the micro-courses of Isola Design Classes, which will be launched live for the occasion, as a test to be repeated later also online. The aim is to support young designers in promoting their projects with talks and workshops held by experts in Marketing, Communication, Photography, Graphics, Press Office, but which also touch on a topic very dear to the organizers, namely that of new materials.

The workshops will take place every day in the Sassetti Factory. To find out more, visit our website page dedicated to Isola design Classes by clicking who

Here are some topics and speakers from our talks and workshops

September 6 – Business Development (Lorenz Kilga, Alberto Nespoli, Antonio Scarponi)

7 September – From Concept to Prototype (Giulia Viero, Soma, 3DD)

8 September – Career in Design (Ricardo Seola, Marco Tortoioli)

September 9 – Digital Marketing (Katerina Kovalenko, Wisse Trooster, Ricardo Seola)

10 September – Video and Photography (Ricardo Seola, Maki Gherzi)

Evening Events

Sunday 5 September at 6.00 pm we will inaugurate the district with an exclusive invitation-only event for the Sassetti factory sponsored by Monkey47 and the live by Thomas Tai.

On Wednesday, however, in the same location we will host the Dutch Night, a private event with mandatory registration. And finally we will close the week of Fabbrica Sassetti always with an event branded Monkey and the sounds of Chico dj (private event with mandatory registration)

The “Materialized” exhibition kicks off on Monday 6 September at Spazio Gamma with the opening event sponsored by Turkish Stones and Nastro Azzurro

17.00 – 17.30 Talk Turkish Stones in live streaming

18.00 – 21.00 Music and Free Beers

Every day under the vertical forest we will have Monkey47’s vintage caravan and nomadic bar. On board, the global brand ambassador Axel Klubescheidt together with 5 Italian guest-bartenders, who will propose signature cocktails.

Sunday 5th September – Guest Giovanni Vecchio of Mag La Pusterla

Monday 6 September – Guests Alberto Corvi and Andrea Giraldo of The Doping Club

Tuesday 7 September – Guest Lorenzo Pagano of The Spirit

Wednesday 8 September – Guest Andrea Prinzio of Bioesseri

Thursday 9 September – Guest Erica Vigevani del Bob

Friday 10 September – Guest Vito Laselva from Moebious

At the Stecca every day aperitif with musical entertainment in the open-air bar overlooking the Library of the Trees created for the occasion

Here is the program of the week

Sunday 5 September – Concert at the Biblioteca degli Alberi (the third edition of Back to the City Concert – the great classical music in the park)

Monday 6 September – Rodrigo Amaral duo / Bossa

Tuesday 7 September – Vivident event w / dj set

Wednesday 8 September – Yaya Dembele presents: Griot songs for multicultural intelligence

Giovedi 9 Settembre – Taste the outdoor living powered by Focù e Porcobrado w/Dj set

Friday 10th September – Kei Kei Kju Feat. Ricardo Seola Live set