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Akdağ Onyx - Cross Cut
(White Onyx)

Turkey is located in one of the oldest marble production geography experiencing 4000 years natural stone production background starting at Marmara Island. With over 80 types and 400 different colors and patterns, Turkey has one of the world’s largest natural stone reserves, which is considered to be excellent quality.

Turkish Stones is being promoted by the Istanbul Mineral Exporters’ Association (İMİB), a professional non-profit association that has overseen all export activities in Turkey’s minerals sector since 1976. Turkish Stones represents more than 5.000 Turkish Natural Stone companies that are member of IMIB.

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Discover Turkey's Marble Quarries

More than 30% of the world's marble reserves are in Turkey. Explore Turkey's marble quarry potential.

The house in Karaburun, designed by Ofisvesaire, is settled in an environment with olive trees and scrubs on a hillside and offers its users a panoramic sea view and a peaceful life in a city life-free zone.
Lucien Arkas Art Gallery is a cultural building located in Kekliktepe, at 4 kilometers from the center of the city of Urla, this building is placed in low-density residential area and in a natural rural environment.
The design process of Seciloğlu House in Bodrum began in August 2017. While the initial design featured a single building on a 5000 sqm land, a guest house was later integrated into the design. Both buildings were strategically positioned to overlook the view. Seciloglu couple preferred the open plan type, which the architect Mehtap Kocaman designed with pleasure. They had agreed upon the floor plans soon after the couple had articulated their desire to avoid spatial separation and determined that they could meet all their needs in a single space.
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